Energy Efficiency

5 steps to saving on your electric bill!

  • Evaluate your current lighting system for performance information

    – Foot Candle Measurements & Light Output Readings
    – Lighting Layout
    – Energy Use

  • Provide a lighting cost analysis

    – Energy savings obtainable from new technology vs. your existing systems.

  • Recommend custom technology solutions

    – Standard one for one fixture replacement.
    – Engineer strategic fixture relocation models.

  • Research rebates from local utility

    – Reduce your total project cost… Many utility companies will pay for portions of your project if properly engineered and installed to their requirements

  • Provide a lease to own purchase option

    – Let your savings pay for your upgrade.
    – Kevco can provide independent leasing to own options through energy efficient lighting projects that are designed to use the savings generated each month from the more efficient lighting technology to pay for your project.